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Sierra the Dog Groomer

Basic Information :

I groom from my home in the Dove Spring 78744 area. I groom one dog at a time, which means when you make an appointment it’s just your dog and I.

I don’t kennel dogs unless the client before you picks up late or if your running late yourself to pick up. I do text or call depending on your preferences, 30 minutes before I am finished with your pet's groom, so there is no over lapping with another client's pet.

An estimated grooming time takes me about an hour and half to 2 hours from start to finish.

Large dogs over 40 LBS take me about 2 hours to 3 depending on there coat.


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Grooming Price

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Haircut & Bath

$55 & Up

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$35 & Up

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Nail Trim


By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only

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* Pricing & Grooming time is based on coat type, temperament and size of pet (max 50 pounds)

* All prices are subject to change if pet is described inadequately.

* Aggressive pets are not welcome

Contact Info.

Southeast Austin | 78744

‪(512) 686-8442‬